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Event Overview for Artists

What should artists expect during EnPleinAirTEXAS Competitions?

Here's a basic overview.  We change up events every year to keep EnPleinAirTEXAS fresh and to make it the best it can be.  

  • Artist Applications: Competition Artists were selected through a jury process. The 2023 juror is Kathryn Mapes Turner of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Artists could apply for this year's competition on this website beginning Jan. 2, 2023 for a $40 application fee, completing the form, and sending 3 plein air painting jpgs of their work. Applications closed May 31, 2023.

  • 2023 Competition Artist Announcement: Artists were announced June 6, 2023 at "The Envelope, Please" event in San Angelo. The event was Live-Streamed that evening, and all applicants were notified by email of the selection just prior to the announcement.

  • Artist Host Homes: Artists are contacted mid-summer and matched with hosts for their stay during the event.

  • Event Begins: Artists may begin arriving Thursday afternoon at their ranches and should be ready to begin painting on Friday, Oct. 20th, staying until the event ends Saturday evening, Oct. 28th.   A detailed Orientation Packet will be emailed ahead of time.

  • Painting Sites: Artists will spend almost 3 days painting on private ranches in the West Texas area near San Angelo.  Several days will be spent in the city itself which offers a variety of historic and cultural sites: an International Waterlily Garden, Fort Concho, and the Concho River running through downtown.  Artists will have opportunities to meet the public during the in-town paint days and at a special ticketed ranch event.

  • Competition Paintings: Friday morning, Oct. 27th, all paintings done during the week of competition will be turned in at the Fort Concho Stables building.  They must be framed and uploaded before checking them in. 
    Each artist has a 6 foot wide lighted panel to showcase their Competition Paintings, as well as a 3 ft. lighted panel for extra paintings in "The Back Forty" (a ranch term for another pasture!).  Artists may refill as paintings sell and space allows.  ALL paintings on their main panel will be eligible for awards.

  • Painting & Size Requirements:  Maximum painting size is 30" x 30", not including the frame.  Artists must also submit a small 6"x 6" or 6"x 8"  'Mini-Pearl of the Concho' painting done during the week.   All work must be completed on an EnPleinAirTEXAS 2023 stamped canvas, and produced en plein air, without the assistance of photography or major touch-up. 

  • JFM Frames:  Owner Pat McDaniel has been on site since 2016 to deliver pre-orders, help artists with any framing needs and sponsor awards.  He will be returning in 2023 to help us celebrate our 10th Year!

  • Checking in Paintings: EnPleinAirTEXAS uses a program/app called Airtable.  We promise it is not complicated! You do not need an Airtable account to use it for the competition. We try to make the process of uploading your artwork as easy as possible, but you will be required to use Airtable as a form of checking in your work during the week. Artists are sent a link to a form that will then be filled out with artist's name, painting title, location painted, size, and price. A photo of the painting is also required to complete your submission.
  • Artist Demonstrations: After paintings are turned in on Friday (Oct. 27) morning, artists are asked to do a short demonstration or talk at one of the local elementary, middle or high school art classes.  This is a highlight of the week for many artists, and certainly for the students!
    Saturday, Oct. 28th, the 2023 EPAT exhibit is open to the public for free, and artists may have pop-up painting demos during the afternoon.

  • The 10th Anniversary Collectors’ STAMPEDE and Awards Exhibit & Sale, Friday, Oct. 27th: The much-anticipated climax of the event is this ticketed event for Sponsors and friends on the grounds of historic Fort Concho.  Celebrate a great week of painting, and meet potential new collectors. Awards will be presented by 2023 Awards Judge Michael Grauer.

  • Painting Sales:  The 40% commission on all works sold goes directly to benefit the free fine art educational experiences for youth at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.  Artists should price their work in their normal retail pricing range.  We recommend a variety of sizes and price-points. All sales during the week must be handled by representatives of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.

  • "MORNING PAINT at the CHICKEN FARM ART CENTER" celebrates an iconic community of artists and makers in an eclectic atmosphere with inspiration in every nook & cranny.  This is a laid-back morning paint-out, and is open to all artists.  EPAT Artists compete for 4 - $500 Judge's Choice Awards, and area artists will compete for 4 - $250 Judge's Choice Awards.  Paintings have a 25% commission to the museum if sold during the event.
  • ALL EVENTS involving competition artists are free to the artists; lunch is provided on all painting days and you will not be hungry during the week!
  • The Fresh Paint Gallery: Will open the early part of the week and will showcase  paintings from each artist of work done on the ranches.

  • Commissioned Work as a result of participation in EnPleinAirTEXAS within six months following the event should be sold through the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts and the 40% commission to be paid to the museum.  

  • EPAT asks artists to not make any pricing 'deals'.  Artists should simply keep the price stated on the original painting labels.  This protects the integrity of EnPleinAirTEXAS and respects and protects the professional standing of all the artists.

  • The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts may use images of the work of the Competition Artists for publicity purposes. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Barbara Rallo at [email protected]