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2016 Artists' Event Schedule

2016 EnPleinAirTEXAS

Competition Artists' Event Schedule


Sunday, Oct 23 Artist Arrivals and Check-in

*Find artists this afternoon downtown or along the river.

*7:00pm ~ Sunset & Nocturnal Paint-Out Downtown.  Public welcome!


Monday, Oct 24 ~ Paint Downtown San Angelo Day

*Artists are painting all day in the downtown area.

*8:30 to 4pm ~ Gallery Verde (417 S. Oakes) open for information, and “Wet Gallery” of paintings created since artists have arrived! 

*Artwork is for sale all week in the Wet Gallery!

*Inquire at Gallery Verde concerning ticket sales for Thursday Luncheon, Friday Night--Art Collectors’ STAMPEDE and Awards Party, and the Chuck Wagon Breakfast on Sunday!


Tuesday, Oct 25 ~ Ranch Paint Day

*Artists painting all day on private ranches. 

*8:30 to 4pm ~ Gallery Verde (417 S. Oakes) open  for information and “WET GALLERY” of yesterday’s paintings! 

*Artwork is for sale in the Wet Gallery all week! 


Wednesday, Oct 26 ~ Christoval Area Painting Day 

*Artists painting all day in Christoval area – Pugh Park, downtown, along country roads and near the river. 

*8:30 to 4pm ~ Gallery Verde (417 S. Oakes) open for information and “WET GALLERY” of yesterday’s paintings! 

*Artwork is for sale in the Wet Gallery all week!


Thursday, Oct 27 ~ Free Paint Day all over San Angelo 

*Artists painting all day in the San Angelo area – parks, Santa Rita, downtown, industrial areas, area churches, along the Concho River. 

*Ticketed luncheon with the artists at the extraordinary Santa Rita home of Liz and Devon Bates!  Ticket sales available here on the website, with more details to come soon! 


*8:30 to 4pm ~ Gallery Verde (417 S. Oakes) open for information and “WET GALLERY” of yesterday’s paintings! 

*Last day that Artwork will be for sale in the Wet Gallery!


Friday, Oct 28 ~ Talks, Demos, Stampede and Awards Party! 

*11am to 4pm ~ Artists will host talks and demos in locations around downtown, free to the public!

*Artists will visit local schools and present talks and demos this afternoon.

*6:30 – 8:30pm ~ Art Collectors’ STAMPEDE and Awards Party at the Quartermaster Building, Fort Concho. 

  1. Tickets are $100 per person and include a $100 credit towards purchase of a painting.  
  2. Tickets are available all week at Gallery Verde.  $11,000 in cash awards to be presented this evening by judge Marc Hanson from the top 2 paintings of each Competition Artist.  

*7:30 to 4pm ~ Gallery Verde (417 S. Oakes) open  with more information detailing events and locations.


Saturday, Oct 29 – 8 to 10am ~ Quick Draw Paint-Out

*Quick Draw Paint-Out will include Competition Artists, and is open to all other artists.

*Register at Gallery Verde and more details to come!

*Participating Artists will be painting for 2 hours in a designated area downtown including Fort Concho.

*Art enthusiasts are encouraged to watch while artists capture ‘real-time’ moments while painting our city.

*Judge Marc Hanson will announce the winning paintings.

*Competition Artists will participate in demos after the Paint-Out. 

*Competition Artists will meet, mentor and paint with selected area students.

*9 to 5pm ~ Quartermaster Building open for public sales of all art painted during the week.


Sunday, Oct 30 Chuck Wagon Breakfast, Judges' Talk

*8-11:30am ~ The public is invited to a final 'Yee Haw' with our artists and a Chuck Wagon Breakfast inside the Commissary Building at Fort Concho, 301 E Ave. C.

  • Enjoy a HARDY breakfast complete with campfire and some western 'fiddlin' by Dorothy Douthit of FiddleFire.

*Quartermaster Exhibit & Sale open for FINAL PUBLIC SALES of Competition and back-up paintings, demos and commission paintings (portraits).

*Judge Marc Hanson will demo his painting skills in the Quartermaster Building, which will also be for sale. 

*Judges Talk by judge Marc Hanson will highlight his choices for the top prize winners at the Quartermaster Building.

*3pm ~ The event closes until 2017!