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Past Event Artist Overview


 Basics and Rules for EnPleinAirTEXAS COMPETITION ARTISTS

What should artists expect during EnPleinAirTEXAS Competitions?

Here's a basic overview.  
We change up events every year to keep EnPleinAirTEXAS fresh and to make it the best it can be.  
Check back after January 1, 2021 for more particular details on the 2021 event.

  • Public Exhibit & Artist Demonstrations: Normally, there is a full day of artist demonstrations and the exhibit is open to the public for free.

  • Attend the Collectors’ STAMPEDE and Awards Exhibit & Sale: Ticketed event for Sponsors and friends.  Celebrate a great week of painting, and meet potential new collectors. 

  • Please do not make any pricing 'deals'.  Simply keep the one you stated on your painting labels.  This protects the integrity of EnPleinAirTEXAS and respects and protects the professional standing of you and your fellow artists. 
  • Sales: Price each piece in the range of your normal retail pricing.  We recommend a variety of sizes and price-points.  The 40% commission on all works sold goes directly to benefit the free educational youth programs of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.  All sales must be handled by representatives of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts. 

  • Painting Requirements:  Maximum painting size in 2020 was 30"x30", not including the frame.  We also ask artists to submit a small 6"x6" or 6"x8"  'Mini-Pearl of the Concho' painting.   All work must be completed on an EnPleinAirTEXAS 2020 stamped canvas, and produced en plein air, without the assistance of photography or major touch-up.  Each artist in 2020 had a 6 foot wide lighted panel to showcase their works, and could refill as paintings sell.

  • The Fresh Paint Gallery: Located at event Headquarters and showcases paintings turned in during the week to buyers and patrons.

  • Daily Paint-outs: Artists are invited to paint on several private ranches during the week.  They get access to scenery and the ranchers themselves that the normal public never sees.  Some amazing paintings and experiences come from this!

  • Event Begins: Artists get canvasses stamped, receive Orientation materials and are ready to go paint!

  • Pre-Event Paint-Out: Normally happens the day before the official event starts, in the historic area of downtown San Angelo & along the river, and gives artists an opportunity to meet the public.

  • Competition Artists are selected through a jury process.  The 2021 Juror will be announced soon.  Artists may apply January 1 - June 1, 2021 on this website for a $40 fee and with 3 plein air painting jpegs.  Application site will open on January 1, 2021.

  • "MORNING PAINT at the ROPING" at the San Angelo Fairgrounds.  This is a bit laid-back and not a timed paint-out, but still has nice awards.  These paintings have a 25% commission to the museum if sold during the event.

  • Commissioned Work as a result of participation in EnPleinAirTEXAS within six months following the event should be sold through the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts and the 40% commission to be paid to the museum. 

  • The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts may use images of the work of the Competition Artists for publicity purposes.
  • Host Family Housing is offered to all competition artists beginning two days before the official start of the event.  
  • ALL EVENTS involving competition artists are free to the artists; and we always feed the artists very well!!