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2017 Event Schedule

2017 EnPleinAirTEXAS
Event Schedule


Sat Oct 21 ~ Pre-Event Paint Day in Ballinger!

•   Artists spend the day exploring and painting in a small historic community near San Angelo for their first taste of West Texas!  Lunch provided for the Competition Artists.


Sun Oct 22 ~ MEET the ARTISTS ~ Paint-Out and Welcome Party!

•   Artist Check-in & Orientation 11am – 2pm at Gallery Verde, Event Headquarters, 417 S. Oakes

•   Welcome Paint-Out & Party 4pm to 7pm downtown river area

•   7pm - Opening/Welcome Sunset Party at San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts  


Mon Oct 23 ~ Christoval Paint Day on Private Ranches

•   Christoval, 25 minutes south of San Angelo was home to the 1920’s Texas Artists Camp.  Competition Artists will paint on private family ranches in the area and will enjoy lunch and a private evening barbecue on one of the ranches.

•   Fresh Paint Gallery open thru Thursday for display and artwork sales at Event Headquarters Gallery Verde, 417 S. Oakes.


Tues Oct 24 ~ San Angelo Paint Day & Luncheon with the Artists

•   Morning Paint in the San Angelo area, free paint after lunch.

•   Luncheon with the Artists* under the trees of a beautiful Santa Rita home.

•   Fresh Paint Gallery open thru Thursday for display and sales of each days' artwork.

Wed Oct 25 ~ Private Ranch Painting Day

•   Competition Artists will paint on another historic private ranch in the Christoval area.  Lunch included for the artists.

•   Fresh Paint Gallery open thru Thursday for display and artwork sales.


Thur Oct 26 ~ Ranch and San Angelo Free Paint Day

•  Artists are invited to a morning paintout & lunch on a private ranch near Christoval.  After lunch it's a 'free paint' day in and around San Angelo.

•   Fresh Paint Gallery open thru Thursday for display and artwork sales.


Fri Oct 27 ~ Artist Talks in Schools & around San Angelo PLUS ~ the STAMPEDE Awards Party at Fort Concho!

•   Artists turn in the paintings from the week this morning, 8am to 10am.

  • Competition Artist demonstrations and talks all day in area schools and free to the public in various locations Downtown.  Schedule TBA.

•   Art Collectors STAMPEDE & Awards Party* at Fort Concho tonight!  The first glimpse of the 68 Competition Paintings and a chance to meet and mingle with the Competition Artists.  $16,000 in cash awards will be presented by judge Roger Dale Brown of Tennessee.  See more information on the judge under the 2017 Competition tab.


Sat Oct 28 ~ Open Quick Draw PAINT-OUT Competition!
2017 EnPleinAirTEXAS Exhibit & SALE at Fort Concho!

•   9 to 11am ~ A 2-hour Paint-Out open to the Competition Artists and to any adventurous artist for a $10 entry fee.  Details coming soon!

•   9am to 5pm - EnPleinAirTEXAS Artist Exhibit & SALE open and free to the public at the Quartermaster and Commissary Buildings at Fort Concho.

•   1:00 – 4:00 – Competition Artists will be painting on-site at the 64th Annual San Angelo Cinch Roping Fiesta, the longest running stand-alone roping event in the nation!  More information TBA soon!

•   An Artsy Party at the Fort* – watch for more details coming!  


Sun Oct 29 ~ Chuck Wagon Breakfast with the Artists,
NEW Paintings added to the Exhibit & SALE at Fort Concho & Judge’s Talk ~ all at Fort Concho

•   9am to 11am - Chuck Wagon Breakfast with the Artists* at Fort Concho.

•   9am to 3pm – EnPleinAirTEXAS Artist Exhibit & SALE open free to the public at the Quartermaster & Commissary buildings at Fort Concho.   

•   9am - Doors open for the Roping Paintings Exhibit & Sale!

•   10am – Exhibit area opens for the West Texas Mini Paintings  Exhibit & Sale!  Competition Artists are required to paint one small painting (5x7, 6x6, or 6x8) during the week that will not be displayed and for sale until this morning.  

•   TBA – Roger Dale Brown's Judge’s Talk on the prize-winning paintings.

•   3:00pm – EnPleinAirTEXAS ends for 2017!

*Denotes ticketed event.  Purchase tickets soon on the 'Purchase Tickets' tab under '2017 Competition'.