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2017 Event Schedule

2017 EnPleinAirTEXAS
Event Schedule

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Sat Oct 21 ~ Pre-Event Paint Day in Ballinger!

•   Come welcome the artists as they spend the day exploring and painting in historic Ballinger (near San Angelo) for their first taste of West Texas!  Public reception to view the days' works (all for sale!), 4:00 to 5:00pm, site TBA.


Sun Oct 22 ~ MEET the ARTISTS ~ Paint-Out and Welcome Party!

•   Welcome Paint-Out & Party 4pm to 7pm  ~ come watch and meet the artists as they paint the downtown and river areas near the museum.

     Event Headquarters open 3pm to 5pm - 417 S. Oakes in Gallery Verde.

•   7:02pm - MEET THE ARTISTS Sunset Party at San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, One Love Street.  


Mon Oct 23 ~ Christoval Paint Day on Private Ranches

•   Christoval, 25 minutes south of San Angelo was home to the 1920’s Texas Artists Camp.  Competition Artists will paint on private family ranches in the area and will enjoy lunch and a private evening barbecue on one of the ranches.

•   Fresh Paint Gallery open thru Thursday for display & sales of freshly painted artwork from the Ballinger Paint-out and Sunday's Welcome Paint-Out!  Event Headquarters Gallery Verde, 417 S. Oakes.


Tues Oct 24 ~ San Angelo Paint Day & Luncheon with the Artists

•   Find the Artists painting all morning in the International Water Lily gardens at Civic League Park, 24 S. Park St.  Free paint after lunch in the Santa Rita neighborhood area and around San Angelo.  Check at Event Headquarters for artists locations.

•   12 to 1:30 PM Luncheon with the Artists under the trees of Ginger & Jack Lewright's beautiful Santa Rita home.  Purchase Tickets

•  7:00 PM - "A Plein Air Evening" with EPAT Artist Nancy Tankersley. Private reception with the Artists afterwards. Tickets $100, includes Collectors Society membership, & $100 credit towards a painting purchase.
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•  Fresh Paint Gallery open thru Thursday for display and sales of each days' freshly painted artwork.  Event Headquarters Gallery Verde, 417 S. Oakes.


Wed Oct 25 ~ Private Ranch Painting Day

•   Competition Artists will paint on a historic private ranch in the Christoval area.  

•   Fresh Paint Gallery open thru Thursday for display and artwork sales at Event Headquarters Gallery Verde, 417 S. Oakes.


Thur Oct 26 ~ Ranch and San Angelo Free Paint Day

•  Artists are invited to a morning paintout & lunch on a private ranch near Christoval.  After lunch it's a 'free paint' day in and around San Angelo.  Check at Event Headquarters for artists locations.

•   Fresh Paint Gallery open thru today for display and artwork sales.  Event Headquarters Gallery Verde, 417 S. Oakes.


Fri Oct 27 ~ Artist Talks in Schools & around San Angelo
Art Collectors STAMPEDE Awards Party at Fort Concho!

•   Competition Artist demonstrations and talks all day in area schools and free to the public in various locations downtown. Click Here for more information about Artists Talks & Demos!

•   6:30 PM- 8:30 PM - Collectors STAMPEDE & Awards Party at Fort Concho tonight!  6:30 PM at the Quartermaster & Commissary Buildings, Fort Concho (600 Burgess St). The first glimpse of the 68 Competition Paintings and a chance to meet and mingle with the Competition Artists.  Over $13,000 in cash awards will be presented by judge Roger Dale Brown of Tennessee.  Find more information on the judge under the 2017 Competition tab.
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Sat Oct 28 ~ "Rope Yourself A Painting Day!" at the fairgrounds!  Quick Draw!  Roping Paint-out!

2017 EnPleinAirTEXAS Exhibit & SALE and Party at Fort Concho!

Click Here to know all about Rope Yourself A Painting Day!

•   9 to 11:30am ~ Open Quick Draw at the San Angelo Fairgrounds, 200 West 43rd St.   A 21/2 hour Paint-Out open to the Competition Artists and to any adventurous artist for a $10 entry fee.  You'll find cowboys and horses, an indoor roping competition, and hundreds of kids & animals at a Jr. Livestock Show.
Quick Draw Page

•   9am to 5pm - EnPleinAirTEXAS Artist Exhibit & SALE open and free to the public at the Quartermaster and Commissary Buildings at Fort Concho (600 Burgess St). 

•   1:00 to 4:00 – Competition Artists will be capturing the action, painting on-site at the 64th Annual San Angelo Cinch Roping Fiesta, the longest running stand-alone roping event in the nation!  Roping tickets are $12 and go on sale Sept. 5th.   Paintings may be viewed and purchased on Sunday.  See below!

•   "Giddy-up & Rope Yourself a Painting Party!"* – 7pm to 10pm at the Quartermaster Building at Fort Concho, 600 Burgess St.  Mingle with the Competition Artists and enjoy a fun night of live music, light snacks, cash bar, and some friendly group painting competition.  
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Sun Oct 29 ~ Chuck Wagon Breakfast with the Artists,
NEW Paintings added to the Exhibit & SALE at Fort Concho & Judge’s Talk ~ all at Fort Concho

•   9am to 11am - Chuck Wagon Breakfast with the Artists at Fort Concho, 600 Burgess St.
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•   9am to 3pm – LAST DAY to purchase a 2017 EnPleinAirTEXAS painting!  Artist Exhibit & SALE open free to the public at the Quartermaster & Commissary buildings at Fort Concho, 600 Burgess St.   

•   9am - Doors open for the Roping Paintings Exhibit & Sale! 

•   10am – Exhibit area opens for the "Mini-Pearls of the Conchos"  Exhibit & Sale!  Competition Artists are asked to paint one small painting (6x6, or 6x8) during the week that will not be displayed or for sale until this morning.  Impromptu performance of during the morning by two of our New England  EPAT Competition Artists who are also known as Miss Maybell & Slimpickins, playing music of our American roots of the 1910's to the 1940's! 

    10:30 - 11:30am - Jason Sacran & Lon Brauer Dueling Artist Demonstration.
"Painting a Moving Target" ~ in period dress, Lon will paint Jason in his unique style, and Jason will continue a painting in progress of Lon, painting.

 1pm – Roger Dale Brown's Judge’s Talk on the prize-winning paintings in the Quartermaster Building, Fort Concho. Click here to view the judge's bio

•   3:00pm – EnPleinAirTEXAS ends for 2017!

Mark your calendars and join us next year ~ October 21-28, 2018!