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2019 Event Basics & Rules

  2019 EnPleinAirTEXAS


 Basics and Rules for the 2019 EnPleinAirTEXAS COMPETITION ARTISTS 

*As events are confirmed and added to our schedule, there will be additions to this page.
Please check back often for updates!

*Attend the Artists Welcome Party if you arrive by Saturday, October 19th.  Those arriving early may also want to participate in the Saturday Pre-event Paint-Out and volunteer for the casual demos to engage early with the public.

*Check-in Sunday, Oct. 20 between 8:30 - 10:30am and get painting materials stamped.  
Bring one plein air painting from home
, reflective of your style, to hang immediately in event headquarters 'Fresh Paint Gallery' so the public can 'meet' you!

*Paint daily, preferably at least part of the day in the advertised venues, and interact with the public to increase interest and connect with potential new patrons.  

*Replace the painting in the Fresh Paint Gallery  with one of your paintings done during the week as soon as you can.  We had some success with this last year and sold a few before Friday's big event.  Space is limited, so bring your paintings by as you paint them early in the week!

*Make all efforts to attend public events that are designed to help the artists interact with new potential patrons.  Most of these are not during your Sunday - Thursday competition painting time!

*Friday morning, submit 2 completed artworks, framed and ready to be hung, for the awards competition with a maximum canvas or matted size of 24” x 24".  You will also submit your 'Mini-Pearl of the Concho' painting, sized 6" x 6" or 6" x 8".  All work must be completed on an EnPleinAirTEXAS 2019 stamped canvas, and produced en plein air, without the assistance of photography or major touch-up.  Your competition paintings may not be pre-sold.

*Also on Friday morning, provide additional plein air paintings, framed and ready to be hung, that are produced during the week of the event, that will be hung in the 'Back Forty Salon' as backup paintings for sale during the weekend exhibit.  Each artist has 6 feet of space and may add plein air paintings during the weekend (painted here or from home) to refill  as paintings sell.

*Price each piece in the range of your normal retail pricing.  We recommend a variety of sizes and price-points.  The 40% commission on all works sold goes directly to benefit the free educational youth programs of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.  All sales must be handled by representatives of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts. 

* Please do not make any pricing 'deals'.  Simply keep the one you stated on your painting labels.  This protects the integrity of EnPleinAirTEXAS and respects and protects the professional standing of you and your fellow artists. 

*Consider volunteering to do a casual "WATCH & ASK ME While I Paint" demo in San Angelo schools or for the public at the Pre-Paint event or Friday-Sunday after turning in your paintings.  These paintings have a 25% commission to the museum if sold.   

*Attend the Collectors’ STAMPEDE and Awards Party & Sale to celebrate a great week of painting, reconnect with people met during the week, and meet potential new collectors. 

*Participate in the "MORNING PAINT at the ROPING" at the San Angelo Fairgrounds.  This year will be a bit laid-back and not a timed paint-out, but will still have nice awards.  There are potential opportunities for commissions with children and their animals at this event.  Check the website soon for more details.  These paintings have a 25% commission to the museum if sold during the weekend.

*Stay if you like for the Saturday afternoon SAN ANGELO ROPING FIESTA where you are special guests, painting all the action and meeting new patrons from all across the United States.

*Attend the 'CHUCK WAGON BRUNCH with the ARTISTS' at Ft. Concho on Sunday, Oct. 27th, and perhaps do a quick painting if you are inspired by the chuck wagon folks!  Spend some time afterwards in the Competition Gallery to network & encourage final sales. 

*Pick Up any work that does not sell at 3:00pm, or make prior arrangements for shipment. 

*Agree that selling any work produced from one week prior to one week after the competition, or any work commissioned as a result of participation in EnPleinAirTEXAS will also require a 40% commission to be paid to the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts. 

*Allow the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts to use images of the work of the Competition Artists for publicity purposes.


Famous for our West Texas Hospitality, we LOVE our Artists and offer some SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES to make everything better for you!

  • A PRE-EVENT PAINT OUT is planned for Saturday, Oct. 19th.  You are encouraged to arrive early and 'warm-up' to our West Texas scenery.
  • HOST FAMILY HOMES will be offered to all competition artists beginning on Friday, October 18.  Artists are encouraged to arrive early to get to know the area and be inspired!
  • ALL EVENTS involving competition artists and food are free to the artists; in addition, lunch is provided daily. We feed you very well!!
  • THE WET GALLERY at Gallery Verde, Event Information Headquarters, gives artists the option to showcase freshly painted artwork.  Visitors have the chance to see your personal work and purchase it early.  We had excellent early sales in 2018!
  • There will be opportunities for artists to engage the public with personal talks and demonstrations in downtown venues, and in local schools. More information to come! 

All Artists who were not selected as one of our 2019 Competition Artists, are invited as our guests to compete in the 2019 EnPleinAirTEXAS Quick-Draw event.  
       Applications for the OCTOBER 18 - 25, 2020 EnPleinAirTEXAS Competition will be taken beginning  January 1, 2020.